In general
All information on the arcards.net website, incl. prices are subject to error. ARcards.net reserves the right to cancel orders, change prices or delivery times as well as to cancel the sale of a product without notice.

Delivery of goods
arcards.net products are distributed by mail and DHL. The terms of delivery, warranty and transport of Íslandspóstur. and DHL apply to the delivery of goods. According to them, arcards.net is not responsible for any damage that may occur to goods during transport. In the event of a product being damaged after it leaves our warehouse, the damage is the buyer’s responsibility.

Deadline for submission
The buyer has 14 days to return the purchase provided he has not used the product, it is returned in good condition and in unopened original packaging. If a product is sealed, the seal must not be broken. The deadline begins to elapse when the product is delivered to the registered recipient. A receipt for the purchase of goods must be included. A refund is given in full or delivery of a comparable product is requested by the buyer within 14 days.

Faulty product
In the case of a defective product, customers are offered a new copy of the same product if no more than a year has elapsed since the purchase of the product. Confirmation of product purchases with a date must be submitted before a new product is delivered.

Arcards.net’s liability does not entail any restrictions on the rights provided for in the Consumer Purchases Act no. 48/2003. Liability for defects in goods is in accordance with the law on consumer purchases and is based on the date of purchase to individuals. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or use of a product that is considered normal.

Online prices
Please note that online rates are subject to change without notice.

The buyer can make a payment in various ways:

Credit or debit card: Payment is made at the same time as the buyer registers his purchase. Payment by credit card is made through a secure payment page that the buyer is automatically directed to when filling out payment information. When the buyer confirms the information, the payment is debited from the card.

Paypal: The buyer agrees to use the Paypal service. You can also take advantage of installments with Paypal. Further information on the functionality of the service can be found at paypal.com.

Taxes and fees
All prices in the online store include VAT and invoices are issued with VAT.

Shipping costs
Shipping costs are displayed when ordering a product and depend on the delivery method chosen by the customer.

Use of personal information
arcards.net never discloses to any third party any personal information about their business friends.