What’s special about ARcards?
ARcards are not just ordinary cards but have SMART features with our app that has technology called augmented reality the cards come to life.

Dose it work with all devices
Our app works on most new phones both Android and iPhone.
Here is a list of phones that support your AR technology.

How does this work
Download the app for iOS and android by visiting our website  www.arcards.net/download.
When you open the app, select a category, then “scan”.
When the camera in the phone opens places the phone at a reasonable distance from the image on this card 6 to 10 inches.

Shipping methods
1 to 5 cards by regular mail due to covide-19 it takes up to 4 weeks the cost: $4
1 to 25 cards by DHL 1 to 3 days the cost $25
If you order more than 100 cards you will get DHL is free home delivery.

Costs and payments
1 to 25 cards cost $ 4.99 per card.
26 to 50 cards $ 3.99 per card.
If you want to order wholesale, contact us at arcards@arcards.net.