Our Presidents – Playing Cards – Augmented Reality


The decks will be shipped in early November



Embark on a unique journey through time with ‘Our Precedents’ playing cards. Each card in this finely crafted deck introduces you to a different U.S. President, blending quality with an educational twist.

Augmented Reality Experience:
Step into a new dimension with our complementary Augmented Reality app. Simply scan a card, and watch as the President springs to life right before your eyes, sharing captivating tales and moments from their tenure.

The Oval Office Awaits:
Ever dreamt of setting foot inside the historic Oval Office? Now’s your chance! With ‘Our Precedents’, you’re just a scan away from an immersive tour of one of the most iconic rooms in the world.


  • High-Quality Cards: Durable and designed to last, with intricate details on each card.
  • Interactive Learning: Dive deep into the history of U.S. Presidents, making it perfect for students, history buffs, and the curious-minded.
  • All-Ages Entertainment: A delightful blend of fun and learning for all age groups.